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The crashing. His body needs it at certain parts of the day. His sensory system craves pressure to regulate. I realize this about him, and I get it. But I have to admit there are times when it drives me crazy. For example…

In stores or shopping areas.

When we are around people we don’t know.

When we are around people that don’t have any patience.

When we are at a restaurant.


When I am just NOT IN THE MOOD to be ran in to. 🙂

I could keep going, but you get the idea, I’m sure.

So, with that being said, I try my best to keep my thoughts on the positive and to work with him instead of against him. Instead of getting annoyed and telling him, “No!” (which just fuels the fire anyway,) I assimilate. If we are out and about, then I pick him up. Swing him around. Get goofy with him for a bit. Make a game out of it as much as I can. Go for a walk. Chase each other. Whatever I can do depending on the situation. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I know it’s the way he is wired. I want to love him and help him be who he is.

This summer, we did a lot of “crashing” in our gazebo.

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Do you have ideas for your child(ren) when they need to sensory regulate and it’s inconvenient in the current momentary situation?

Please share. (I could always use more!)


Details & studying EVERY single move.

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Jasan has been all about the lawn mower and related mechanical outdoor items forever. His Grampie is very detailed about his lawn and during the summer, all the cool landscaping tools are out being utilized. I know that being interested in the lawnmower is a typical boy thing, but what I found to be interesting about this recent scenario (pictured above) was how Jasan was interpreting and acting out the mowing experience now that he is older.

This was one of those afternoons where all of the Cherry Street kids were out on their bikes and Jasan was no exception. As soon as Matt (a.k.a. Grampie/my stepfather) started mowing, he immediately started following alongside his every pass up and down the lawn. It was adorable. The kids surrounding him were now of no interest, and all of his focus was on that lawnmower and Matt’s every move. (The image above makes me laugh because I am the distraction here. He is looking at right at me in this moment because I was about to be in the way, practically laying in the grass to get my shot…otherwise his eyes were locked on the lawnmower and his Grampie!)

What I found to be mesmerizing is, for example, how he was waiting for the EXACT moment to turn his bike the same direction Matt would move the lawnmower…EVERY TIME. Jasan learns so much by acting out his experiences. It’s almost as if he puts his body and mind into what is happening literally right next to what is actually going on. He is taking in new information, studying it, and simultaneously acting it out with his body no matter what he may be doing (like riding his bicycle.) He does this often in so many different areas of life and it’s fascinating!

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Then…this happened a few days ago. Matt started mowing again and Jasan immediately dropped what he was doing, grabbed his little lawnmower and mimicked every little thing Matt did. Not just for part of the lawn and then lost interest, but for the whole thing. Every time Matt pushed a button or moved a lever, Jasan did the exact same movement on his little mower.

So stinkin’ cute!



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My brother named my stepdad’s truck Brutus many years ago when he was stuck driving it during a time period where he was car-less. It cracks us all up because the name is so appropriate. It’s an older truck that is an extra vehicle for our family. Sometimes you just need the bed of a truck to move things and it’s convenient to have one around.

Because this is an extra vehicle, it’s older. It’s not pristine by any means.

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Unfortunately, Brutus had made contact with a deer in the past. 🙁 Whoever owned Brutus previously definitely smoked cigars in it. (Ick.) And, this lovely truck has no functioning A/C.

But, Jasan loves the truck. He has the sound of the windshield wipers memorized…

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And he’s a boy. Trucks are just cool.

It’s mulch spreading time of year, and Brutus is being utilized to move big piles around the yard. Jasan likes to hang with his Grampie, so I caught these shots yesterday.

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He was content in truck world.

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When the neighborhood kids come over, they all like to hang in Brutus.

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Boys and trucks. 🙂

Doin’ his own thing.

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If you notice in this photo, there is one bike to every kid (except Jasan.) My beautiful, unique boy is VERY much enjoying the spreader. I really do love that the neighborhood kids end up in our driveway. I think it’s a God thing. Jasan needs neurotypical kids surrounding him…and they are. They do. He has some kind of electricity that attracts others even with his differences. I LOVE THAT.

And I love that he just keeps doing his own thing even though it may seem odd to the other kids.


He’d rather…

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The kids that live in our little neighborhood circle always end up at the end of our driveway. We usually have music playing and Jasan and I will be hanging out doing whatever his heart’s content may be.

It’s a perfect weather day out today, and we had those water hose going for awhile… making squiggles in the air, giving his bike a “bike wash”…you know. That kind of stuff. And then… ALL OF THE COOL STUFF in the garage took over.

Currently the electronics have won over it all. I asked him, “Would you like to play with the kids?” And in his cute voice he answers me, “No.” He is in his world of contentment.

I’m just letting him be… 🙂