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I am a passionate single mother of an autistic boy, Jasan. I lift him up and celebrate him everyday because of his amazing perspective on life.

Autism is very much among us. If we could all be aware of what autism may look like, I think it would help us be more open minded and understanding towards others of ALL kinds.

Yes, there are some attributes to those with autism that make living life in a “neurotypical” world more difficult, but there are also traits to those with autism that are beyond amazing.

Amazing. THAT is where my focus is.

I reject the word “disorder.” My son does not have a disorder. Jasan has autism and this gives him a unique way to interpret the world around him. He is a beautiful child full of joy and happiness. The way he looks at the world fascinates me, and it has CHANGED me. It still does: every single day.

What a blessing!

I am harnessing my love for my son, my artistry and my passion to create this photography series. I am choosing vulnerability in sharing my journey, and my hope is to inspire others, so that they may be able to better connect with and cherish their own beautiful and unique children. Sometimes reading someone else’s perspective can provide you with a new one. If shining a light on my journey with Jasan can do that for others, then it makes this all worth it.

Autism awareness is necessary in our world today. Let’s just make it a positive experience… because it is.

Follow our story through my lens…

Jasan smile (AB shot)

Another place to view extra photos: Flickr



  1. Thank you for sharing your positive perspective on what can sometimes be a difficult journey. Also, thanks for following me at ‘The Lightbulb Lab’ ~ I’m following you as well, and looking forward to seeing things through your lens!

  2. This is a great blog. I really like your approach to documenting your life with your son. Photos can say so much about a person’s life, and you do a beautiful job capturing your son’s life. Thank you for following my blog. I hope you see more that interests you. I’ll be following you too.

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