I love this photo. Not just because I think he has the cutest butt ever… ha, but because it is so totally Jasan.

He is holding my telephone headset that I use at work. I must have worked from home on this day and he decided that it would be the object of his attention when I wasn’t using it. He calls it “Plantronics” because that is its brand name. In Jasan language it means headset. Just like “GE Profile” can mean microwave, “Cuisinart” can mean coffee pot or “Toshiba” can mean a computer. He has wowed many cashiers at stores when he has read what brand name the cash registers were at the age of “little guy who shouldn’t know how to read yet” as he always has requested to sit on the counter tops during check out.

And then… Nakedness. Oh, the freeing feeling of being naked. For my sensory sensitive little guy, no clothes are always his first choice. I have always had the belief system that at home, while it is age appropriate, he can be a naked jaybird if he wants to. Why not?

The curiosity of what’s going on outside the window…I bet he was led there because of a sound. He is fascinated and fearful of sounds at the same time. He will put his ear up to everything, but then will shy away from sounds too.

There have been so many times when I wish I could experience senses how he does. I would love to understand him even more than I do. <3



  1. When will it no longer be age appropriate?

    I think I’ll struggle to know… nowadays, I try to get my 2 away from the windows, when they just *have* to be naked (they’re 7 and 9!) but I’m not sure I’ll ever force them to wear clothes 24/7. They love nakedness enough to nearly make me consider finding a nudist colony and moving there, hehe.

    On a serious note–nudity’s not dirty, and surely the rules are different for some of us. I wonder if your Jasan, and my Naomi and Gabriel, are all gonna be just fine stripping their clothes off and living in the moment, even when they’re my age. ?

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