Degrees fahrenheit.

I used to have a habit of turning on the weather channel in the morning. (Pre-iPhone. Now I just check the app. I don’t have to wait for the weather on the 8’s. Was it 8? or 7? I don’t remember…but you get the idea.) He has always been attracted to numbers, so of course the weather channel was right up his alley with all of the temperatures. Now that he is getting older, I usually have him check the app every morning for me and we discuss what they day is going to look like.

His item of choice lately to carry everywhere is one of the indoor/outdoor digital thermometers. The brand is Acu-rite; therefore, its name is “Acu-rite weather.” He has two, conveniently, because one was missing for a time period and that was NOT OKAY with Jasan.

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His love of numbers and digital things translates very well to ovens and microwaves. (As long as they are mid-1980’s or newer.)


A good old-fashioned oven thermometer is also fun though. I took these photos of Jasan sometime last year and it proves he still in fahrenheit love for the long haul.


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Notice how he has two of those as well. Don’t you love when kids just drop things SOMEWHERE in the house and you search and search and it’s NOWHERE! But then it shows up. Gotta love duplicates. (Especially with an autistic kid and an object of obsession. Oh my.)

This past week he has been stuck on the microwave and oven in our kitchen. My thoughts… “Time for a photo shoot!”

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He gets so very excited when the fan symbol light comes on when the oven is on the convection heating setting. Big smiles. It’s the little things… 🙂

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I think I love just hearing him talk about degrees and fahrenheit. It sounds so darn cute… <3



  1. I just WONDER what his brain is doing with those numbers. I hope one day he will be able to tell you; to tell us! 🙂 Perhaps they are first and foremost just beautiful, the way they move and change and relate precise information.

    1. I could not agree with you more! Not that I want time to fast forward, but I am definitely looking forward to the time when we can really have a conversation- when his language flows feely and he can speak his mind!

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