Our life.

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I am really getting used to just doing our own thing wherever we are. Sometimes being self-conscious will still creep up on me, but mostly, I OWN IT. As Jasan gets older, I appreciate who he is becoming even more. I keep reminding myself to step back and look at the big picture. I may not totally understand everything now. But, I picture myself looking back at his life when he is in his twenties and it all making sense. Why does he have an obsession with appliances? What is it about fahrenheit and barometric pressure that makes him smile so much? Why does my son prefer Best Buy over Toys R Us? I don’t know, but I’m his biggest cheerleader.

We hung out at good old Best Buy for quite awhile today.

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Refrigerators were a hit.

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There will always be the beloved washing machine.

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And now, the most recent addition to fun spots to go in Best Buy? The printer aisle. We had a lot of fun with sound effects and powering multiple different models on and off.

On a BUSY Saturday afternoon was I spotted taking pictures of my son LOVING on appliances from many WEIRD angles?


Did I care?


Did a million Best Buy employees come ask us if we needed help?


Did they look at me weird when I said my son likes to hang out by the washing machines and we are just pushing buttons and listening to sounds?


Am I cool with all of this?


It’s our life.




  1. This post makes me smile. I love knowing things about my daughter that others outside of the family find a mystery. Like her inability to “go right” She is left handed, and will only turn in a circle, or enter a vehicle or exit a vehicle with a left hand turn of her body. So simple, but something only a mother would notice. Even my husband didn’t realize it till I pointed it out to him. I love doing things with her that make her happy, even more so than my other kids. She seems to appreciate it so much more. Little things, like buying her new all pink shoelaces to match her all pink shoes, mean so much to her. It is terrific that you know Jasan so well, and focus on things that will bring him joy.
    Keep up the good work, you’re doing a great job!

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